Lots of things keep me busy but woodworking is one of my favorites. Here's the build of my teardrop camper. I'll share all my custom tooling and critique my design decisions here as I go. I'm a software engineer, not a cabinet maker, so I continue to learn as I go and reserve the right to get smarter.

After giving the paint a couple weeks I had my Coker whitewalls mounted this morning.  As soon as I got home I rolled them up next to the trailer to get a sense of how the vision was coming together.  These wheels not only dress up the project and give it an “old time” look, but the tires are high quality and I won’t have to worry about the Chinese junk tires on the trailer now separating and leaving me stuck somewhere.  Also, the wheels are rated for 1500 lbs each, so in combination with the 3500 lb Dexter brake axle I’m going to order tonight, I should have nothing to worry about.  Foolishly, out of a lack of time and preparation, I towed that trailer loaded to capacity from CT to TX without a spare.  …not fun.   I thought about it every minute of the drive.  The baby moons really take it back to the period.

Looking at the currently mounted 12” wheels next to the 15” new ones, the stock trailer rims look hideous.  Now I can pull off the 12’s, measure the face to face distance of the axle, mount the 15’s, check the clearance and know exactly what size axle to order tonight. (So many steps to get this right!  …and all of this was just to know where the fenders will end up so I can fina. I’ll be putting the 12’s back on for the remainder of the product since it doesn’t take much to mess up the whitewalls.