Lots of things keep me busy but woodworking is one of my favorites. Here's the build of my teardrop camper. I'll share all my custom tooling and critique my design decisions here as I go. I'm a software engineer, not a cabinet maker, so I continue to learn as I go and reserve the right to get smarter.

I wanted the water system installed before starting the above-deck work because I needed to route the fill and vent pipe through the floor but make sure it all fit in the same area where the pump mount was planned.  I think this was the first time in my life that everything went smoothly and as planned.  The water pump brackets are very rigid and securely hold the pump a few inches below the bottom of the deck.  I mounted it so that the plumbing would have a minimum number of elbows.  The tank has 2 barbed 1/2″ water exits at the bottom.  I brought them together in a 1/2″ x 1/2″ x 3/4″ tee that goes into the 3/4″ inlet of the pump.  The exit of the pump goes out to an upward facing elbow and then connects to a section of flexible clear hose before passing through the floor into a barb to PVC union.

I jogged the 1.25″ fill tube (gravity fill) at the forward top of the tank back a few inches so that it wouldn’t interfere with the walls I have planned.  The last 1/2″ barbed fitting at the rear top of the tank is for a vent which also goes up through the floor.

I will have that exit the wall below the fill tube so that water will run out to indicate that the tank is full.  I would connect it to a car battery and test it with water but I don’t want to get the tank wet with such a long road ahead and then have mold develop.  Everything lines up well and looks as good as I could have hoped for.