Always a swarm of ideas in my mind and too many interests to list. The top 5 would be guitar, solution design (work), teardrop design concepts, Pietenpol build approaches and where to head next with the kayak. ...because there's always a song in my head, a solution to a problem and a quest to go somewhere I've never been before. Play hard and travel far!

I dropped the tank in the tray.  It’s a good snug fit.  When the deck is bolted down to the trailer frame there is no way it can move.  Later today I’ll start mounting the pump and getting the fill tube and vent tube set up.  The tank fittings are 3/8″ so I’d like to feed them together into a tee that is 3/8″ x 3/8″ x 1/2″ to maximize flow and limit any restrictions.  Having a really hard time finding a barb tee of those dimensions.