Lots of things keep me busy but woodworking is one of my favorites. Here's the build of my teardrop camper. I'll share all my custom tooling and critique my design decisions here as I go. I'm a software engineer, not a cabinet maker, so I continue to learn as I go and reserve the right to get smarter.

The heat has made it a bear to get the deck underside and water tank tray primed and painted.  Sweat just pours out of me and trying not to let it get in the paint or where I am about to paint has been an exercise worthy of many a cuss word.  Today’s weather notification was another heat advisory (104 to 108) so I ran out at around 8:00AM and wrapped up the 2nd coat.  The coverages looks good.  When it dries I will not do a 3rd coat but will run around with a brush and address any areas that look thin by exception only.  The order of application here was a coat of Zinsser oil base primer, Dap silicone base caulk in all the seams and where framing is attached to plywood, another coat of Zinsser, and then 2 coats of smoke gray Rustoleum oil base gloss paint.  (I didn’t want to use Henry’s Asphalt Emulsion because of the mess, the smell that I hear it lasts forever, and I don’t like black because it’s too dark to easily spot emerging problems).  This color will rinse well being glossy, and if I should ever have a problem with wood rot I should see it better than if it was hidden in the darkness of a black coating.  I have used this paint before on bulkhead doors and happy with the durability and coverage.  I’m really eager to get this over with because I hate the task of painting in general and I really want to get on with the build.  All the fittings are ready to go for the plumbing of the water tank.  Going to let everything dry for a few days and then the only painting left will be the bottom of the water tank tray which is still bare wood.  Will be great to see the tank and pump installed and working.