Lots of things keep me busy but woodworking is one of my favorites. Here's the build of my teardrop camper. I'll share all my custom tooling and critique my design decisions here as I go. I'm a software engineer, not a cabinet maker, so I continue to learn as I go and reserve the right to get smarter.

Yesterday I wrapped up the jigs I will be using to make window frames for the doors, as well as for the hatch spars and side tracks.  I ripped pine down into thin strips.  They are not exactly the same thickness but all are then enough to bend around the radii of the jig without splitting.  The window frame will allow me to just trace the hole for the window onto the door, cut it out, glue the frame in place and finally flush route the plywood to exactly match the frame.  Then the window should just drop in.

The hatch spar jig is now cut down to the smallest size it needs to be so I can make a spar and while glue is drying move out of the way so I can multitask.  Added some reinforcements to the jig to keep it from warping.  The galley door will have 5 spars in to assist in combatting springback from the plywood that will later be attached.  The sides will each have special tracks made to glove-fit the door when closed and be water-tight when the seal is in place with a consistent 1/4″ gap.


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