Lots of things keep me busy but woodworking is one of my favorites. Here's the build of my teardrop camper. I'll share all my custom tooling and critique my design decisions here as I go. I'm a software engineer, not a cabinet maker, so I continue to learn as I go and reserve the right to get smarter.

When I started the Pietenpol project, I bought tools all the time.  Lots of them.  Over time I found that some of them were really useful and some still in the box unused after 10+ years.  …and now the extra tools eat up shop space.  Additionally, tool snobs tend to trash Harbor Freight tools.  My feeling is there is a place for every grade of tool.  I’m not saying Harbor Freight makes great tools but you may find them “good enough” if it’s something you’re only to use once in a while or a lack of precision in the tool’s manufacture isn’t going to make a huge difference in terms of project output.  I’ve always felt that the primary focus should be on finishing the project and my $$$ is best spent on 1) project materials and 2) tools of just good enough quality to get the job done and last for future projects.  Best of breed for every tool makes absolutely no sense if it impedes the progress of the project and you are operating on a budget.  Most of us do this as a hobby and the tool isn’t used on a daily basis to feed our families.  You get it, …right?

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