Always a swarm of ideas in my mind and too many interests to list. The top 5 would be guitar, solution design (work), teardrop design concepts, Pietenpol build approaches and where to head next with the kayak. ...because there's always a song in my head, a solution to a problem and a quest to go somewhere I've never been before. Play hard and travel far!

When I moved to Austin in November 2015 I used the trailer and the floor to haul a bunch of stuff that didn’t make it into the United Van Lines trailer.  The sides were shipped along with a lot of other boxes of parts in the garage and this gave me a good chance to see how the trailer behaves behind a Honda Accord.  A couple of weeks before the trip I added a Hidden Hitch trailer hitch to the car hooked up the lights and towing the trailer for 2 days was my first experience towing anything behind a car.  …ever.  The Northern Tool 5 x 8 utility trailer seemed like it wasn’t even there.  Until a few days ago the sides were tucked behind the tool bench and awaiting a project restart.  The sides, cut to the profile in the drawing in an earlier post, are mounted and ready to go.  Before I start really building the top part of the trailer, I do need to tear it down one more time reassemble the floor with glue, prime and paint it.  After the paint  want to fill all the seams and places were plywood meets stud with silicone sealer.  Then I will touch up trailer, re-route the wiring through plastic conduit, paint the water tank box and brackets, mount the tank and pump and make a floor for the subfloor storage compartment and then remount the floor with a layer of sealer on the frame and seal the floor and frame joints one last time.  Then I can focus entirely on everything above the floor.  The trailer dry fitted together so I could see if a 4 foot galley door was going to be big enough.  Since the trailer is 5 feet wide, 4 feet is sort of a built in limit.  I marked 4 feet up the back arc where the plywood skin will go and 4 feet seems like the perfect place for the hinge.  So far so good.

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