Always a swarm of ideas in my mind and too many interests to list. The top 5 would be guitar, solution design (work), teardrop design concepts, Pietenpol build approaches and where to head next with the kayak. ...because there's always a song in my head, a solution to a problem and a quest to go somewhere I've never been before. Play hard and travel far! was previously hosted in traditional ASP, but the host decided to get out of the hosting business which left me with a pile of source code, …actually pretty archaic source code and a database dump, which within the span of a few months I managed to lose. …entirely.  …so here is the new site hosted in WordPress and starting over from scratch.  If I can dig out old photos from a laptop I haven’t tuned on in years I will attempt to restore some of the old content.  The Pietenpol project is not active right now while I try and get a teardrop trailer built.  We will see how things go over the next few months and if the Pietenpol sees some activity in the remainder of 2017.  Wish me luck!

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