was created to share the joy of building old-timey projects you can really use as well as a starting point for exchanging ideas on techniques, custom tooling and design considerations from the perspective of a hobbyist woodworker/fabricator. I've got a ton of experience in building things evenings and weekends, mostly related to making my own home improvements, and gadgets for my own use, but not as a tradesman. I'm a software engineer that learned several trade skills initially out of necessity but eventually realized that building stuff out of wood and metal is far more rewarding than building stuff out of bits. If you are a hobbyist, I hope you share your experiences and techniques and other users of the site and that it inspires you to design and build your own magical creations.

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These are the tools I have, what I use them for, how critical I find them and things I've learned about using them effectively.

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Community Resources

This section has a list of resources for helping you find materials and communities that can share their experiences in building teardrops and Pietenpols.

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Web Hosting

What I've learned about hosting a website with GoDaddy. My tools for development are MS Visual Studio 2017 (ASP.Net/C#) and SQL Server 2017.

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